My Experience with Best Buy – A Tragedy in Three Parts

So yes I am back blogging… I can’t believe it either. I knew it would take a momentous event in my life.

True love…Nope

New Super Client..Na-uh

The Cure for Cancer… No again….

The experience that prompted me to blog again is the result of my HORRIBLE HORRIBLE… “AM I BEING PUNKED?”- customer experience with Best Buy.

Here is a copy of my letter to @bestbuy ‘s twitter account manned by @coral_bestbuy

~Later lovebugs, K.

My Experience with Best Buy: A Tragedy in Three Parts and in Three Hours

Prologue: The Calm Before the Storm

Today started out pretty glorious…birds chirping….sun shining. I received a call from my mother at 1pm advising that she had purchased a Mac Book for me as an early birthday present.

WOW THANKS MOM! (Yes I am almost an adult, but gifts are always nice)

She told me that I was to pick up the laptop at the Best Buy in Pinecrest because though there were SEVERAL OTHER LOCATIONS that had Mac Books in stock, Pinecrest had the most.


She advised that they said to wait 2 hours and I should be able to pickup my laptop., all I would need is my name and my ID.

I do know my name so CHECK…

I do have ID so DOUBLE CHECK…


Little did I know that was the last “Yay” I would be saying for a while.

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