My Experience with Best Buy: A Tragedy in Three Parts (Part One)

Part One: Ocala is 6 hours away… you know that right?

Fast forward two hours….

“Hi, I am here to pickup my laptop.”

“Where is your paper?”

“…. Let me explain. My mother purchased the laptop in Ocala. I am just picking it up here.”

“You still need the paper they gave you.”

“… Well… like I was saying the laptop was purchased in Ocala… in the store so…umm the paper… is still there…”

“I understand but you have to have it…”

“Ocala is like ummm 6 hours away… so I don’t have it…” (I feel stupid at this point like maybe that I am saying doesn’t make sense)

In enters Best Buy Customer Samantha, “Did you look it up by her name?” She gives the first of what is to be a dozen “I am sorry they are stupid” faces.

After a failed name check and a phone call to my mother to get the order number they find me in the system.

Thank goodness for SAMANTHA… and unnamed Best Buy employee.

For the next 10 minutes the unnamed Best Buy employee calls the warehouse where they must have all had the same break because no one answers…  with an eye roll and deep sigh she goes to the back with a quick “Be right back”

Fast forward 10 more minutes of me standing there with a forced smile.

“Umm excuse me… do I have enough time to walk around… since she isn’t back yet?”

“Yes it will take about 15 minutes” says Samantha with a smile.


So I walk around the store… fun fun fun. Pick up a couple of new items I don’t need and make it back to the customer service counter giving them an extra 10 or so minutes.

(At this point I have been there about 30-45 minutes longer than expected)

Hmm… my unnamed Best Buy employee helper is gone leaving Samantha alone to tell me…

“Oh it hasn’t popped in our system yet to say we can fill the order.”

“Ok… do you not have them in stock?”

“No we have them in stock BUT we have a process so we can’t fill the order until the system says so. You will get an email when it is ready. It usually takes 2 hours..”

*deep sigh* I think to myself that it has already been 3 hours

“Well can I leave my phone number as well as the email will be sent to Ocala…”

“Oh yeah… Sure”

Time check: 1 hour in the store 3 hours after the purchase

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