Dear Starbucks… I think I love you

I thought that this blog post would be about my GREAT night at the club with CJ but… seeing that I was overcome with the smell of weed and teenage girls doused in Country Apple from Bath and Body Works I have lost my inspiration.

So where am I? My new favorite spot. STARBUCKS…. I know I know everyone loves Starbucks but I still feel that it merits a blog posting so that is what I am doing.

Where else can I consume FREE wifi and sip on the refreshing taste of a Venti Vanilla Bean with caramel drizzle? Add The Last Airbender on Netflix online… I am in heaven.  (Though I am sure it would taste a whole lot better if I wasn’t fighting the too much Grey Goose and cranberry taste that just won’t go away..)

.. bleh.


Why did I think about that? I want to crumble up and die… no really I do…

Sidenote I just hooked up my new projector so I think I am going to go by the bootleg man (…. I mean the guy that sells… ok there is no way to clean that up).. so I think I am going to go by the bootleg man and make it a movie night. Score!

UPDATE: I just got the caramel apple cider (that I didn’t even know they had) and though it isn’t as good as Mom’s it is definitely making my stomach feel better.

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