You Asked For it: Interracial Dating

… now let me first say this it is 3:18am in the morning

Ok so I was on twitter the other day, feeling void of inspiration but desiring to blog so I asked for a topic. And strangely enough the first 5 responses were interracial dating… which took me aback for a moment only because it is not something I discuss (or honestly think about) often. But since I am putting on my sleep deprived thinking cap here is my take on it.. (hopefully I don’t go to far off the mark).

Now I know I have readers from every point on the sexual spectrum so unfortunately I am going to have to do a little labeling *bleh*

Interracial Dating – Heterosexual Relationships (Black Men + White/Other Women)

Two words – It Figures … no really. I am not one of those black women that thinks that by dating outside of your race you are disrespecting me or my mama… I think it is only natural (stop rolling your eyes) for black men to want to date outside their race since the media has indoctrinated them to think that European features are the most attractive. I am actually surprised when black men don’t gravitate to the light skin, thin framed, long hair (purchased or not) girl in the club… no I take that back. I am actually surprised when black men do not have a light skin, thin framed, long hair (purchased or not) girl on his arm at dinner. At the club, big booty, thick lipped, oversexualized “sistas” get love too.

Interracial Dating – Heterosexual Relationships (Black Women + White/Other Men)

Not enough data. No I am serious. Black women are so stuck on this “love my black men through thick and thin” bull that they are ending up doing themselves the disservice of not exploring other races. Look here I love black people, lord knows I do, but the last time I was groped at the club, or was called a siddity bitch please believe it wasn’t by [insert stereotypical white guy name]. How many white musical artists have black women bootyclapping in them? I love black relationships that are functional. But chile please… you think I am going to give you a cookie for staying in a CRAZY AS ALL HELL RELATIONSHIP just because your man is black… you must not know me that well.

Interracial Dating – Homosexual Relationships (Black Women + White/Other Women)

See what had happened was… I really want to say “Do You” or “It Figures”…. but I can’t. LOL. I mean yes I can… but mmm it’s a little harder. Now here is my thing: How as a black woman are you not attracted to black women…?  Yeah yeah yeah the media and all the other things I said before are factors BUT HOW can you say you don’t like black women when every day you go to bed with one, eat sleep and drink with one…. (yourself).  I know I know I am sounding a little hypocritical since I gave the brothers a pass earlier but damn it ladies I hold us to a higher standard…And don’t give me that “she acts black thing” because that is a whole other post with more cussing.

Wait a minute…. let me clean that whole paragraph up *big smile*. I am not opposed to interracial dating among lesbians I just am bewildered by anyone that refuses to date a woman cut from their same cloth.

Interracial Dating – Homosexual Relationships (Black Men + White/Other Men)

[fill in the blank] Anyone have a thought on this or can give their opinion please hit me up! I didn’t want to leave my boys out but I just didn’t know what to say *shrugs*

…. I need a nap. I am probably going to reread this tomorrow and say Kristi [insert my middle name and last name] you need to do better… but until then.

Muah, Lovebugs

Oh and I have decided to enable commenting on my blogs now… *gulp* so yeah tell me how you really feel.

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