Flight 2828 Pt. Two: Crash Landing (an erotica)

continued from Flight 2828 Pt One: Take Off

As I struggled to get my bag out of the overhead compartment, Cat slinked down the aisle and off the plane without even a goodbye. I hustled to catch her and saw a slight trace of her tell tale scarf head into the ladies room. I followed her while dodging perplexed looks. I was on a mission and that mission was her.

“Catrina…” I said in a raised voice. “Catrina it’s Kris”. At the end of the row of stalls I could see the handicap stall open. With a hurried flick of the wrist I found myself, Cat and our carryons together again in the crowded stall.

“Umm I wanted to give you the money I….”

“Unzip me”

“Wait what?” My eyes bulged as if that would improve my hearing.

“Unzip me… I can’t reach and I need to change… and lock that door. This isn’t a peep show”.

A few fumbled movements later I was in a locked bathroom stall with a beautiful woman clad in only her bra and panties, bent over searching through her carry on.

“Should I wait outside?” As soon as the words escaped my mouth I wanted to take them back.

She walked over to me and loosened my tie.

“You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that. You look like a bible salesman… sexy but a bible salesman nonetheless.”

I don’t know whether it was the idea of her wanting to do something to me or calling me a bible salesman but I gently smacked her ass.

She turned to me with piercing eyes, I stepped back my body against the door fumbling for the latch. What I read as anger , was lust. She lounged at me, living up to her name Cat passionately kissing me mouth and neck, my hands pulling at her ass and wrapping tightly around her waist. She kissed me with all the passion she could muster but I knew that in order to make her scream I would have to conquer her.

In a swift move I turned her back to the stall door and grabbed for the nearest thing to me… her turquoise scarf. I gently but firmly tied her to the clothing hook. She twists and turns ferociously but I am about to drop to my knees so this battle is won. I pull down her panties to reveal her beautifully full pussy. Even though I know the airports are overly hygienic I hang my empty garment bag behind her as the cold door was making her shiver. I wanted to control her shiver and trust me I didn’t need any help. I kneel down and lick my lips in anticipation. I hear a short gasp as my warm tongue parts her inner lips. She sinks her pussy into my mouth, in a sign of defeat that I didn’t expect. She tried to kick off her heels but I needed them for elevation.

As quickly as she had given in, she turned on me. She wrapped her strong leg around my head and began gyrating and pulsating her body in rhythm with a tribal beat only she heard. She futilely tried to free her hands but she just couldn’t concentrate long enough to do that and fuck roll her pusyy clockwise then counter clockwise around my tongue. I found myself digging my hands into her back which only drove her more wild.

“Stuff your tie in my mouth Daddy I can’t hold on much longer.”

I tore my tie off and stuffed in gently but firmly into her mouth. Her eyes bore into me and her muffled moans penetrated the fabric. I felt her walls contract and release around my tongue. Each pulse becoming stronger and slower. As our bodies began to move in unison her pace quickened and her body began to shake.

She spit out the tie and let out a shriek. I covered her mouth with mine so as not to expose ourselves more than we had. She licked her juices hungrily off of my face. I loosen her wrists from the scarf and she runs her fingers through my hair.

She sits me down on the seat forcing a small shampoo bottle in my hand. “Drink this…it’s Cabo Wabo” as she downs a conditioner bottle of tequila herself. I close my eyes for what should have only been a moment, but the mixture of tequila, euphoria and jet lag kicked in. I opened my eyes again and she was gone. I saw my open wallet and knew the stories about Miami women I heard were true. Upon inspection of my wallet, that was only less $5, I saw a small card with the name Cat and a Miami number embossed on it. On the back of the card scribbled in pen it read “Now I owe you”.

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