“Leaving Me For Who?” @kristiweb Followers’ Question – 08.19.2010

**FOLLOWERS** – Does being cheated on with some1 of a dif sexual orientation make it better/worse? (ex. Homo w/a Hetero Hetero w/a Homo)

Cheating sucks…. okay let me rephrase that… Catching someone cheating on you sucks. Aside from the obvious homicidal ones…. if I catch you cheating on me my first thoughts are

(a) you didn’t care enough about me to hide your dirty dealings and/or

(b) I fell for someone so stupid that they got caught…  and/or

(c) you cheated on me with someone so out of control that they made their presence known.

All of which makes my decision to make you my main squeeze the wrong one.

I mean yes love and honesty and all those feelings you find in Hallmark cards should keep you faithful… but chile please. *shrugs*

Okay now the part about the opposite sexual orientation… mmm…. I love how different groups feel different ways.

Heterosexual men say “Oh I don’t care. Two women is sexy. Can I join?”

I am not sure if that is a mix of machismo bravado, or just plain ignorance. It actually leads to my next follower’s question…. so… I’ll wait until tomorrow to go any further.

Heterosexual women … *crickets* “Haven’t said much at all”

Silence about the possibility of your man sleeping with other men is killing you… You better join the conversation.

Homosexual men …. *teeth sucking* *side eyeing*

So y’all so bad, you aren’t concerned huh? Talk that talk… *whomp* *whomp*

Homosexual women “How many guys have you been screwing?”

It seems like there is an added betrayal not only of the relationship, but of the solidarity embedded in the lesbian community. You are not just cheating on your partner but every lesbian EVERYWHERE.

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