Meet Kristi K.

This post is all about why I only let the FAKE KK out to play because the REAL KK is a …

(in no real particular order)


I guess that’s a tad obvious… I post stories about being a lesbian pimp, screwing strangers in airport bathrooms, and secret rooms in swingers’ club….. oh wait I didn’t write that “story” yet.. side eye

I had an ex that used to say I was the nastiest freakiest b*tch she had ever met, and that was why she loved me. I guess I am starting to appreciate it. I always just considered it doing what I have to do (and just happen to love to do) to keep my relationship spicy. Bite marks heal….hand imprints fade away, but a well placed memory can get your partner wet with a whisper.

I think I am going to move along before I exceed the restrictions set on what I can blog about.

Trust me it’s hard because I am such an….

Attention Whore

No not the “Girls Gone Stupid” kind… but come on all my blog posts have me starring on a movie poster…. I tweet all that I am thinking and that I know better than to say… and say “Who’s going to pop me?”

(R.I.P. Messy Mya… regardless of the details it is sad when a child loses their father)

I like to talk and I am glad that people care enough to listen. So until y’all stop reading/tweeting me… I’m going to keep it coming. Oh and yes blame @joshenreborn and his :21 second shout out for feeding into my problem…. did I mention Awwwwww

Oh and let the record show in HD that just because I like to complement beautiful women on @kristiweb that doesn’t make me a…

Tease…Slut (The Other Whore)

I was going to take this time to shout out all the women in and around the twitter-verse that would make me use up my frequent flier miles and get a sew-in.

don’t make that face The sew-in is for the hair pullers… and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you snatch me bald-headed

Okay back to what I was saying there are plenty online/offline women that will get a slip of the tongue REMARK from me but I am in a relationship so that is far as it goes.cue Single Again by Trina  So if that makes me a tease… then baby let me tease you till it tickles. shrugs Let me stop because I’m a lady or better yet a …

Doily Dyke

Now granted I never even heard this term before the other day BUT I LOVE IT. I think it just right for Southern belles like me that don’t think hologram rainbow lacefronts are the business. We don’t consider being a lesbian one of our “coolest” attributes. Hell unless you are a family, friend or “to be freaked” what we do is none of your business.

I don’t know… my sexual preference doesn’t define me, it is just a word that can be used to describe me much like black, woman, lover of shoes. I have pride not because I tweet/blog/podcast about straps or how to approach a stud, but because I work hard in my career and do what I can to combat negative stereotypes in my daily life. I think in our attempt to be accepted we have made it all about glitz and glamor and no substance. Then we wonder why we have so many part-timers… Ok I’m getting off my soap box until Kristi X (yes I’m still working on that post).

Yeah yeah yeah I guess this makes me a


Or maybe it’s the glasses. But like I tell people all the time “I am only 2 or 3 generations out of the hood so please don’t test me”…. at least on my father’s side shrugs

in conclusion…


I’m me.

Oh and I guess I should say I am on Twitter and Instagram….
Did I mention the images in that picture are the best I ever look so ummm no I didn’t wake up like that?