:60 Second Kword Shorts – Da Real Deal with Da’Realest 1

You all know I have iffy opinions of many lesbian podcast shows, so when my girl Lee Lee of the “YOU GOT TO GET TESTED IF YOU WANT TO GET TASTED” shirts, asked me to check out her guest host debut, I was a bit wary. There is only so much “How to Strap a Stud” videos that I can watch… but UNO was working on something (and not paying me any attention) so I decided to tune in.

I am really glad that I did. The 2 hour show (which we all know is a little much for my A.D.D.), Da Real Deal, is hosted by Da Realest 1, with both live call and chat conversation. The topic of the night was about bringing your partner home for the holidays. There was a nice assortment of callers, from the young girl who has never brought a partner home to the older self proclaimed “redneck” who has been out for 30 years. My particular fave being Armand, the openly gay African American drag performer that said “if you project shame about your choices, shame will be reflected back.”

Oh and my take on the subject is this “If you want to bring your partner home for the first time without prepping your family you are looking for trouble. If you want your relationship to be taken seriously, take the time to prepare both your family and your partner for the meeting. If not the tension of the meeting will be exacerbated by the shock and anger of your “surprise”, which is not fair to anyone.”

Here is the audio from last night: