:60 Second Kword Shorts – #LGBTPioneers

If you follow me on twitter then you are already aware of my new twitter campaign. I was tired of condemning the stereotypes LGBT community share via social media without trying to use my platform to share some good examples that the modern member of the gay community can emulate.

Here are the first 10:

# 10 – George Chauncey’s Gay New York is hailed as a major contribution to historical scholarship of the gay culture. #LGBTpioneers

9 – Cazuza’s public battle w/AIDS helped to change public attitudes and dispel prejudice surrounding the disease in Brazil. #LGBTpioneers

8 – Robert Paul Cabaj has been instrumental in dispelling homosexuality as a psychiatric diagnosis #LGBTpioneers

7 – Erik Brun was the most prominent Danish male dancer of the twentieth century. #LGBTpioneers

6 – Nicole Brossard is one of Quebec’s best-known literary figures, #LGBTpioneers

5 – Kevan Botha is South African activist and has been active in South African LGBT politics since the early 1980s #LGBTpioneers

4 – John Boswell’s book Christianity, Social Tolerance, & Homosexuality brought new life & pride to Christian LGBT community. #LGBTpioneers

3 – Leonard Bernstein towered over the US landscape in the 1940s. One of the most gifted of twentieth-century musicians, #LGBTpioneers

2 – James Baldwin was named one of the best US essayists. Giovanni’s Room was a groundbreaking novel about homosexuality. #LGBTpioneers

1 – Francis Bacon was judged by some to be one of the most important painters of the twentieth century. #LGBTpioneers http://ow.ly/3lzmq