:60 Second Shorts – Jesus Loves Me (and you other lezzies too)

Ok so last night, I sent a tweet ( follow me) that I believe deserves more than 140 characters.

Look here. God is not forgetful and doesn’t make mistakes. If he wanted to make a statement prohibiting homosexuality I am sure he would have found room on the tablets he handed down to Moses.

I am so sick of people manipulating the word of God to fit their agenda. God did not say “Oops I meant to put ‘Thou shall not be gay’ in the bible. My bad, Go ahead and scribble that in there for me.”

God is love.


God is love as long as the mainstream culture is okay with that.


God is love as long as the wedding/diamond industry (and the church) can make millions annually from people spending crazy amounts of money on weddings, while having nothing in savings.

God is true love.

So when I say I love the strong beautiful woman in my life, I am saying Thank you Lord, and I dare you to stop my praise.