Insert Cool Picture Here

Okay my lovelies… I’m back. I just decided that the sad loveless lesbian thing was not my style.

Now I have another blog post all raring to be posted about the breakup (full with snarkiness) but of course in true lesbian fashion I am waiting forthe ex-GF formerly known as UNO” to finish the graphic so I can post it. *sideeye* So until then I am writing this filler post so you guys know that I am not in a ditch or planning on becoming the cat lady.

It’s actually been a week now so I guess the shock has worn off for both of us (which I am sure wasn’t made easier by talking every freaking day since the breakup). And trust me we did all the crazy emotional outbursts you have come to expect (UNO had the busted up hand to prove it– HA!). I’ve filled my day with Married and Children, working for clients, and an awesome group of women (namely the Dyke Club).

So with that being said, the snarkiness that you came to love will still be in tact just with a little more supporting characters…. and activities. Yes activities. Are we excited? We should be.

*cough* anyone interested in making very cool movie poster inspired images???? *big smile*

Oh and let me give a special shoutout to my distractions… you all know who you are.