Lez Integrationiste: MLK’s Dream Redux

Ok so as usual I am taking for granted that if you read my blog you follow me on twitter, so you know that I attended the Art Exhibit & Cocktail Reception Winter Party event.

It was a great time full of artwork, music, drinks, and food. I got to meet and mingle with staffers from both the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce and Aquagirl (two awesome organizations!). The best part being the proceeds go right back into the community. But the one thing that I couldn’t help but notice was… ummm there were 3 black people. No really I counted.

Now y’all know me, so excuse my candor and you riddle me this.

Why is it that black lesbians will come across the country for events like “The event that I won’t call by name” that don’t even have events posted (since it is only going to be partying) but I never see them at the “white” events that offer so many quality options geared to and supporting the LGBT community?

I love debauchery and alcohol poisoning like everyone else *side eye*, but can we have some in-between time activities? How can we combat the stereotypes that come with a) being a woman b) being a minority and c) being a lesbian when we play into them every chance we get… and pay for it?

Now that being said I will admit that “other folks” SUCK at letting us know about the events they are having. I mean hell the only way I found out about the winter party event was by googling “lgbt events Miami”. And the crazy part is that while talking to one of the staff members I found out that they spend beaucoup dollars advertising about these events.

So is the question where are the “urban lgbt publications” that can connect these groups with the audience that they are missing? Are bloggers the answer? (And no I know I’m not the answer to anything). Would we even listen to anyone talking about topics that don’t relate to “Do you strap or not?” or “How to approach a stud?”.

*brain freeze*

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