:60 Second Shorts – Getting my Love Jones On (#LGTBside Style)

So last night I went out to support South Florida-based 6 Flavas‘ poetry event. From what I know they do monthly mixers of sorts which I think is pretty cool. A friend of mine is one their organizers (follow her @dearjay_) so I was glad that I could finally make it to one of their events.

Y’all know I am always on the search for events that represent the #LGTBSide, plus one of my favorite spoken word artists and old-school crushes, Grammy nominated, Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns was the feature, so I was all in. Score!

I don’t know what I expected but I definitely learned a lot last night… a lot.

*blink* Who dis woman Harpo?

Ok so my first freaking step into the venue I see two of the sisters from my organization (that remains nameless) that have been inactive FOREVER. Like Forever ever forever ever. Come to find out that one is all the way out and the other is peeking out the closet. We did a quick little catchup, drank and danced… it was cool. They actually both performed pieces, and my girl Sun turned it all the way out with her sex piece.  Now I don’t believe in incest so they were both safe, but one of them was trying to make me hurt her. *flexes muscles* But I’m strong.

I should have been single a loooooooooong time ago.

Now this is no shade to EX I haven’t been this happy in a long time. The amount of yummy yumms that I have had the pleasure of enjoying recently has been so refreshing *big smile* (not that I have any intention of jumping from the lezzie pot to the fire anytime soon). I love the fact that there are attractive, successful women… Being able to surround myself with their aura makes me feel good. There was one in particular yesterday *nods head* If I wasn’t a lady I would have made her say my name… #finejudgeme

I need to have sex soon… before I hurt someone.

Okay I know I have already told you guys lots of things about my sex life *shrugs*… so you don’t look so surprised.

I haven’t had any in a looong time at this point and I didn’t realize how much pentup “aggression” I have until last night. One minute I am laughing and joking… the next moment I am plotting and fantasizing.  I was getting it from the left, right and the center. But I behaved myself.. for the most part *shrugs*

*singing* Look Ma No Hands

….that is all.

Shout out to all the lovelies I met yesterday, and hope to hear from one in particular very soon.