:60 Second Shorts – Why @antoniacarter was the “non-MFin factor” yesterday

Now I am not going to take up much time this morning rehashing what Antonia Carter of “Tiny and Toya” fame (and yes I use that term loosely) tweeted yesterday about it being sad to see gay people under the age of 18, for several reasons. Mostly because a) she deleted the damn post, which doesn’t mean she didn’t mean it, but only that her cowardice got the best of her and b) I don’t really entertain commentary on the state of the world from anyone whose sole claim to fame is capitalizing off of Lil Wayne’s hyperactive sperm.

Now who I did take offense with are these lesbians who didn’t walk but RAN to her side defending her comments… Are you serious? Without even knowing what the hell the girl said, I saw tweets saying “Oh that’s not what she meant” or “Oh she’s a good person you guys TRUST ME”….. *blink*. Now while the girl is irrelevant, I expect more from “lesbian activists” and “lesbian promoters” than to cow tow and tap dance for a chick that will take the money out of your pussy loving hands in one moment, and look at our gay and lesbian children with disdain and pity in another…. with your grown ass.

I know Pride and Splish Splash and all that has become big business, but I am tired of our community (and not just the lgbt community) selling their values out for money or futile acceptance.


*double sigh*

*triple sigh*

I’m done with this.

I am proud of myself for not making a snide comment like “For her sake I hope her daughter grows up only to kiss boys…. like her daddy… but I didn’t” (because unlike some adults I don’t talk about kids).