Events: Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Now for the sake of unity, I am going to skip over my observations of my BFFs new straight girlfriend (woo sah) and tell you that I had a great time at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – What Women Want Short Films event. Another event sponsored by the awesome organization Aquagirl, six short films were featured so I will give you a little taste of what you missed (in order of appearance).

Alice in Andrew’s Land

Summary: The story of a masculine identified lesbian who came back from Iraq only to fight gender identity discrimination when looking for a job and deal with her overwhelmed partner and her partner’s financially stable ex husband.

Kword Thoughts: It wasn’t until I saw the writer and director of the film that I realized why it didn’t ring true to me. While I am pretty sure she was a lesbian, something about the long blond haired femme from England’s responses to the Q&A were more stereotypical than genuine. I’m not saying that means she can’t create an honest portrayal…it just means she didn’t… for me.

The Quote from the Peanut Gallery: “She is the wussiest stud I have ever seen. Why is she walking like a cowboy?”

The Verdict
: 2 of 5 stars

Visit their facebook page here.