SizzleHer Stripper… uhh Stud Competition

I soooo love iMovie and their corny trailer music

Alright lovebugs, I was “unable” to do a real review of Sweetheat Miami [read: I had too many libations] so I promised myself that I would stay “able” enough to tell you all the tea this time. Well… it was… cute. Ok now you know I have to tell it how it is, regardless of how much I want to lie… *deep sigh*

We got there about 4. No one was there (which for a big event means… MAYBE 100 people were there). I shrugged it off because I was only coming to hang out with my folks so I didn’t really care. We jumped in the pool and hit the inflatable balls back and forth in full lezzie fashion… (Y’all know I can’t swim)… chilled and met some ladies from NY in the pool (Shoutout to Meeche and Tamika and ’em) and finally went back to have a few more drinks and watch the crowd. And then *drum roll*….

The party went from kinda mild to STUDS GONE WILD. The Sizzleher team held their first ever Sexiest Stud Competition. They were giving out a 200.00 cash prize, shirt from The Butch Shop (Shout out to Buff) and free event tickets and accommodations to Fort Lauderdale Black Pride.

These studs did the ABSOLUTE most… I have so many clips of breast shaking, tongues wagging, and hands down pants, I thought I was watching soft core porn. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the couple of bucks but bay bay… they was loose…loooooooose. The winner was a cat from North Carolina who wasn’t the out the gate favorite, but we all love a Flashdance-esque water move. I would blog more about it.. but a video says a thousands words.

What I did find interesting was Dwight Powell’s, owner of Sizzle and Sizzle Her, little speech [read: marketing spiel] after the winner was announced. I felt like I was at an Amway meeting. If he said “You have to buy into it” one more time…. How about he “buys into it”… more money/time/resources into marketing might just help. It seems like Sizzle (for the boys) was and is the main concern, and Sizzleher is just another stream of revenue…an afterthought at the very most. If it is going to compete with Sweetheat and Aquagirl it needs to step its game up. ESPECIALLY since the cost and hotel availability for those events are considerably cheaper since they are NOT Memorial Weekend and they are actually on South Beach. The smartest thing he did was link up with @jordynfoxx, she definitely kept the party hype and was an extreme highlight of the event. Wait… that wasn’t the point of this post.

So here’s a half-hearted Yaaaaaay to half naked studs, half-assed gogo dancers, and… all the ladies and gents that made the best of it.

Blessing and salutations to the AWESOME couple we met from California, Zena and Sunshine. Loved y’all energy…

…maybe I should have had a drink.

edit: By the time it got live, I would say there maybe 500 lezzies in attendance… and half a dozen boys that came by. And I really did have a good time… but I always have a good time.