:60 Second Shorts – Oh that Tracy… (Why am I not mad ENOUGH?)

I never thought I would ever say “Tracy Morgan has changed the way I think of myself”. Had it not been for netflix and 30 Rock on instant queue I might have never even known his name (I’m not a big tv person) but that has all changed.

For those of you that have been getting wasted at Pride or living under a rock, during his latest show, Tracy Morgan made a statament that if his son turned out to be gay, he would “pull out a knife and stab” him….


Really negro? Really negro? I know somewhere in the world Isaiah Washington dropped his head and did the “C’mon Son”.

But here is the larger problem that I am dealing with… I am not mad ENOUGH. I don’t want to make signs or sign petitions. I don’t want him to lose his job or “never work in this town again”.

And  I am stuck here trying to wonder why not?

I should be outraged and disgusted. I should vow never to watch another movie of his (not that I do anyway). I should be a lot more angry than I am, shouldn’t I?

I have often said that is disappointing that the lgbt community is the final group that it is PC to make fun of. But now I wonder if lesbians like myself are the reason. Am I as bad as the people that were taking up for Antonia Carter’s  “baby gays make me sad” tweet? Why was I more shocked and pissed by Kramer’s racist rant? Did I stop watching Grey’s Anatomy because I have a short attention span or because Dr. Burke was dismissed? Am I more loyal to my “blackness” than my “gayness” whether right or wrong?

Even as I sit here I haven’t come up with an answer that would satisfy me… So I am turning to you guys for some insight. Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “:60 Second Shorts – Oh that Tracy… (Why am I not mad ENOUGH?)”

  1. Thank you for your posting. I thought about the same thing at the time but I was too ashamed to say it to anyone. Do we really need another black man unemployed?


  2. I always think of myself as a child of the Almighty first, a female second, a black person third, and the fact that I get strapped every once and a while none of any one’s business


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