10 Things 2 Know About: Nikki DaVinci

Born in New Orleans and cultivated in New York, Nikki DaVinci is a writer, poet, designer, painter and photographer. Be careful around this renaissance woman because her words have been known to make one’s body react uncontrollably.

Just finishing up her first tour with the Punany Poets and with her first book available on Amazon, remember the name as you might be meeting one of next lesbian laureates.

Give her time and she will penetrate your mind with her Bic (if you are into that kind of thing).

The Basics

1. Name: Shanica (Pronounced like Monica) Stewart but I write/perform under Nikki DaVinci

2. Age (You can give me the range…): 24 but I have an old soul

3. Yeah Yeah Yeah, we don’t like labels…..but umm: Lesbian from birth..

Why You Rock

4. So what is your claim to fame?
I don’t have a claim to fame.. I’ve been writing since I was 7 and it balances me I recently went on tour as a Punany Poet which was an amazing experience, but the only thing that made me who I am is me.

5. What made you do what you are doing?

Writing is my love.. and my lust. It has been my sanity and my freedom from sanity. I do it because I love it.

6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

5 years from now I hope to be like Sonia Sanchez.. or Nikki Giovanni but wayyyy sexier. I just want to change some young girls world like Alice Walker did for me at 15. I want to open minds to limitless possibility… set them free.

Community Affairs

7. What do you think are the State of Affairs in the LGBT community present-day?
 I thing the LGBT community is just like the African American community, separated and hoping for unity but few people bold enough to actually work towards it. I am happy about New York allowing marriage although I do feel like marriage is very patriarchal and stifling to women-but if done in love can be beautiful.

8. What would you say to the young (and no-so-young) sister/brother who has decided to come out the closet?

I would say, if you need me I’ll be there… Honestly- I’m willing to be the shoulder for anyone who needs to cry, the ear for anyone who needs to vent and the family to anyone who lacks one. There aren’t enough people who still practice humanity. I feel like we are dying out… but I am still alive.

Just because I want to know..

9. What is your definition of pride?

Pride is being unafraid to live for yourself. It sounds so simple but most people are living for someone else.

10. What is in your nightstand drawer? *eyebrow raise*

I don’t have a nightstand but in my bathroom drawer I keep a rabbit… purple… wondrous toy indeed.. .and I own a cape… Don’t ask!

A little extra: This isn’t a radio show, but there is nothing like a good shout out.

I recently released my first book. It is a collection of erotica… geared towards lesbians along with poetry and vignettes unlike any other. I write from my soul and there is no request I cannot deliver.

If you want to know more about Nikki DaVinci she can usually be found lurking around here.

Facebook: Nikki DaVinci

Tumblr: Lips of Da Vinci

Twitter: NikkiDaVinci

Nikki DaVinci’s first book The Nikki Da Vinci Code is available on Amazon NOW. 10 percent of the book sales to the Raise Hope for Congo campaign.

Playing With Fire (a late night poem)

I take your pulse with my tongue
Pattern as spastic as the rain
Baby if blood ever got conceited
Would you possess the vain?
Enamored with you maybe
Love me beyond these worldly things
Snowflakes on your tongue
You get chills from saying my name
I want the miles to seem like inches
And the inches of you deep inside..
Finger guns for penetration
As we writhe..
Kiss, kiss…
Bang banging
Sound of your heart worth
A basketball game.. Full court
You make it storm
I only asked for rain
Pneumonia like shivers
Delivering until my lungs quiver
Chasing you like a panther in the dusk
Hell hath nothing on the heat of my lust
Keep telling you but I don’t know if you see
When fire wants to play it plays with me