:60 Second Shorts – Why Sheryl Swoopes Doesn’t Need NYs Approval

Now I know that Superlesbians Don’t Exist but I will have to say Sheryl Swoopes was pretty damn close to a lot of us… okay maybe just me. As the first African American openly gay player in the WNBA, with a few gold medals to boot, Sheryl’s revelation immediately made her a role model to many young lesbians (whether she said that was her goal or not).

Granted when she originally came out as a lesbian, her statements weren’t exactly ones I would use as soundbites for “the cause”…

“I’m not bisexual,” she said. “I don’t think I was born [gay]. Again, it was a choice. As I got older, once I got divorced, it wasn’t like I was looking for another relationship, man or woman. I just got feelings for another woman. I didn’t understand it at the time, because I had never had those feelings before.” (which is eerily reminisce of the quote from the “Ebony’s Hot Lesbian Couple” chick)

But I guess something gayed her up, because shortly after she became a public spokesperson for Olivia Cruises and even did an appearance on LOGO’s Shirts and Skins…. maybe it had something to do with the 5ish year relationship with Alisha “Scottie” Scott (I refuse to say anything about Scottie having that good good).

*refocusing… y’all know how I feel about dreads*

So I must admit I did the “What the Hell” face when I read Sheryl is now engaged to Mr. Chris Unclelsho. No not Chris short for Christine… or Christina… or Crystal…. Chris short for Christopher (ok I’m not sure the man’s name is Christopher but I am sure he is a man).

Not because I know her or want her for myself… but more in a “Wasn’t Anne Heche enough?” kind of way. Do we need another example of “all she needed was a good man”…. of “bad relationships are the only reason these women are becoming gay”… of “I told you so”.

Let me be very clear, this is not about sexuality being fluid. This is not about it being wrong to label others. I have nothing against bi-sexuals. Some of my best friends are straight (I love saying that too). This is about another high-profile, celebrity that identified and profited as a lesbian… until she didn’t.

Oh if you want to see who is going make her an “honest” woman…. here he goes

Pics ganked from her facebook page.