Fashion Destination: Atlanta Pride (Guest post by @ilkwhtshesaid)

Your Do’s and Don’ts list to maintaining a stylish weekend

Ahhhh…Labor Day weekend has arrived and you’re among the lucky to be in Atlanta or making the trek to experience one of the season’s hottest and most anticipated Prides. Whether finding yourself lounging by the pool or flaunting your goods in the streets, here are some great do’s and don’ts for staying fly in the “sunsplash” that will be Atlanta Pride this hot Labor Day Weekend.

During the day

DON’T. Be sure to make the most of and enjoy this very last holiday weekend of the summer by severing all ties with the “Ugg’s and short shorts” addiction.

This common mixture of winter and summer attire has been running rampant and with no one to answer to in the big cities of America for several years now though it is indeed time to throw it out with yesterday’s basket weaves. Also DON’T carry the same oversized winter bag to all of your fly functions. Though some of us, myself included, love to carry the ten gallon bag that can just as comfortably fit our makeup kits as it can our outfit alternative and curling iron, opt instead for a smaller bag with an adjustable strap that can go from shoulder bag to handbag with ease.

For daytime flair, DO check in to the easy and feminine casualness of up-and-coming designers Veronica Ariel and Shavonne Cooper whose pieces are fun and flirty and still fill that need to go short!

If you’re going to be poolside and it’s literally taking your fashion from street to bathsuit you seek, DO look no further than this hot offering from True Religion Brand Jeans. The same design house that has become famous for its contrast stitching and huge metallic rivets in its high-end denim jeans, has come out with a line of similar pieces for swimwear that is being sold exclusively at


DON’T let it all hang out. Some women believe in the motto “if you got it, flaunt it!” However, there is something to be said about a woman that leaves a bit to the imagination. Forget the off-the-wall cleavage baring tops and booty shorts. Instead, come evening time, DO discover a pleasant medium between sneak peeks and short classy dresses. Head over to to find yourself in a custom sizing/made to order heaven of cutting edge fashion that only delivers and pleases your need for individuality.

~by Natasha Dyer