I’m baaaaaack

Ok so I haven’t really gone anywhere but I was on a self imposed social networking hiatus for the last two months. It was full of reflection so I thought I would share. And no I am not turning into a lezzie yogi so you can stop rolling your eyes…

1) Bros before Hoes should have been in the Ten Commandments… Okay maybe that came out a little more blasphemous than I meant it to but… it is definitely stone tablet worthy. I don’t know when that cardinal rule became up for discussion but umm not so much. Maybe I hold people I consider friends to a higher standard than they deserve. Maybe it’s because Kristi don’t love these hoes. But whatever the reason, there is just certain sh*t we don’t do. If you have to ask… Houston we have a problem.

2) Behind every good woman is a dumb ex girlfriend who wishes they hadn’t screwed things up…. I would comment more but… That pretty much said it all.

3) Don’t treat dating like busy work. You know how when you were in school the teacher would give you stacks of busy work to keep you occupied between lessons. I have been notorious for dating (if that’s what you call it) women that I wasn’t really interested in to keep myself busy between real relationships. I almost missed out on the woman of my dreams (who is now the woman of my reality) because I had my nose down working feverishly on my busy work. No bueno…

Wait… *looks around* Not to say that what is busy work to one person isn’t a doctoral thesis to others. *pause* Did that clean up what I meant to say… *side eye* Because I was reallllly trying to clean it up. *shrugs*

4) If people (especially around the holidays) start the whole diatribe that being a homosexual is against God and you sit there looking crazy like you don’t know what to say I want you to BOTH have a seat… and pick up a bible. I am so sick of people thinking they can talk all out of the side of their mouths about lesbians because not enough lesbians know how to stand up for themselves and their community. Lovebugs there is more to being a lesbian than eating pussy. And yes that is unfair but… It is what it is.

Damn I always like to have multiples of fives if I am listing things um….

5) The best sex results in bruises….

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