K-Word Approved: Trantasia

 As many of you lovebugs know I am obsessed with Latrice Royale of RuPaul’s Drag Race. So when I came across this documentary called “Trantasia” I was all in… that was after I was sure it wasn’t some freaky deeky anime Disney Fantasia porn (don’t act like I am the only one who thought that).

This documentary takes a look at six contenstants in the world’s first ever Most Beautiful Transexual pageant. Released back in 2007, it was definitely a trailblazing effort. Now granted it doesn’t have all the juicy catfighting of Untucked but it does give you the “believe in yourself”, “love yourself”, “be yourself” warm fuzzy feeling that any good LGBT flick must have.

The only thing that reminds you that you are watching a documentary about transexuals as opposed to America’s Next Top Model was their perfection. Who looks like that… without photoshop that is. These girls were beat for the cheap seats honey. (I think I stole that line from MUA @aprilantoinette but I can’t remember). They were tucked and taped and peeled to a T.

Okay maybe peeled was a stretch… and then again maybe not.

Irregardless (I can never remember if that is a real word of not)  it was a great docu-movie. I have to admit some of their choices in the end confused the HELL OUT OF ME. The black one in the top 8 was MUCH better looking then either of the runner-ups. And the fact that Tiara (the one name I remember) didn’t make the top 8 was a trans-vesty.

Okay maybe that wasn’t as witty a play on words as I had thought.

I think I better stop while I am ahead…

At least I am ahead in my own tabulation. *side eye*

Here’s a clip.

*PS I just watched the clip…. it was not indicative of the movie. It was sappy in a tooth-ache kind of way… the movie was much better.

To my 3 and 1/2 straight readers:

Don’t trip, you will be surprised how quickly you go from “Oh my Lord that’s a man…” to “Oh my Lord, she is such a slut”.  (And yes some of those heffas may not have been sluts… but they were definitely slut-ish)

Add it your Netflix queue