The Kword Turns 30… Ok Maybe Just the K did

So for those who did or did not know I turned 30 back on July 28th. It was a great time with new friends and old friends that I will remember for ever and ever A-men. I planned to write a big  blog post about things that I have learned by 30, but in reality there is way too much that I haven’t learned just yet. So I am hitting the blog ground running and have decided to blog until you guys tell me to shut up… or until you unsubscribe.

SN: Follow my eyes to the right side of the screen where you can e-subscribe to my blog posts… *big forced smile*… unless you are on mobile *bigger more forced smile*

So before we start this new journey into my 4th decade of life take a minute and look back at some of my ramblings over the years, while I work on my first new blog post called… “Reclaim the Dildo”.

Oh and the whole movie poster thing…. might just be a wrap. The old EX isn’t around anymore and I don’t have the time  (read: talent) to do it myself. Unlesssssss someone wants to be awesome and do them or something similar for me (Hit me up Also I am endeavoring to add a lot more of the 10 Things to Know About series so I can introduce to more of the movers and shakers of the LGBT community. So stay tuned.

Thanks for the b-day love!

-Muah (no tongue),


Oh and I will share this… I am so ethnocentric and culturally-oblivious that I didn’t even discern that the “K-Word” in most parts of the world is like the “N-Word” here… so ummm yeah… My baaaaad.

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