10 Things To Know About: Najja Moon of the Andy Moon Collection

I haven’t done a “10 Things to Know About” feature in a very long time, mostly because I haven’t had anything new and exciting that has sparked my interest.

Enter Najja Moon of the Andy Moon Collection.

A few weeks back, I was sent a video of The Andy Moon Collection, and although there are no celestial references on the clothing itself, there are plenty ethereal unisex pieces that will have you seeing stars.

I immediately reached out to the owner/designer Najja Moon about the line and her philosophy of fashion. This is what she had to say…

With the Andy Moon Collection I wanted to address what, outside of functionality, it is about clothing that speaks to a more masculine or feminine aesthetic. I wanted to design a collection that was completely void of influences based on preconceived notions about gender. This collection is about a lifestyle. I’m wardrobing professional, creative, ambitious individuals. – Najja Moon

Check out the Q&A after the jump, plus images and a video of the new collection.

The Basics

1. Name: Najja Moon

2. Age (You can give me the range…): 25

3. Yeah Yeah Yeah, we don’t like labels…..umm:

Why You Rock

4. So what is your claim to fame? Not claiming any fame, just feeling like I’ve finally reached a milestone in my process of self discovery. Having worked in several facets of the creative marketing and entertainment industry, I struggled to find a project that articulated the message I wanted to share and I think the Andy Moon Collection is the result of trying to accurately communicate my message.

5. What made you do what you are doing? I love getting dressed. I love what it says about who I am, who I think I can be and what other people think I am capable of. But it’s a process. There are limitations because of sizing and style etc. so I wanted to try and eliminate some of those obstacles.

6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 5 years from now, I hope to be able to do this on a larger scale. As I prepare to launch this first collection, I’m anxious to see what kinks need to be worked out. In 5 years I hope the growing pains are over!

Community Affairs

7. What do you think are the State of Affairs in the LGBT community present-day? Every day I am pleasantly surprised. Since I got married a year a go, I’ve thrown caution to the wind. In situations where it wasn’t necessary or it may have been awkward to explain “this is my girlfriend” I would substitute “my roommate” etc. I thought I was avoiding confrontation or making things easier on other people. But now that she is my wife, I openly discuss our life and relationship with people and I am pleasantly surprised everyday by the responses I receive from family and strangers alike.

8. What would you say to the young (and no-so-young) sister/brother who has decided to come out the closet? Being gay isn’t a lifestyle or a fashion statement. It’s not an opportunity to blame “the man” for your short comings. You are not different or strange. God isn’t mad at you. You found out who you love. So as you progress in this process of self discovery remember that your revelation was about love.

Just because I want to know..

9. What is in your nightstand drawer? *eyebrow raise* tissues… I have allergies.

10. What is your definition of pride? unwavering confidence in what you believe in

A little extra: This isn’t a radio show, but there is nothing like a good shout out. I am more than thankful for the people who support this project. And for those who have been helping me bring this to life Micalea Ramey, Daniel Adolphe, Rashaud Michel (@rashaudshoots) , Kerstin Thompson, Yachin Parham, Samantha Blake, Frank Leon, Grace, Rosanna, Luis Krum
and Most Importantly, my wife for letting me spend all my time and money on a dream instead of the bills.


Photographer: Frank Leon
Wardrobe Stylist: Kerstin Thompson
Hair and Make Up: Stephanie Marie
Models: Christelle Blanche and Luis Krum
If you want to know more about Najja Moon and the Andy Moon Collection, they can usually be found lurking around here.