Let Me Get A Taste… Love Miami Spice

Well howdy to the 5 people who clicked on here thinking this was going to be one of my erotica posts… it’s not.

But you can go check out one of my oldies here. There is sex and slurping involved I promise….

I guess the picture WAS a bit misleading. I actually don’t even know what the picture I have attached is about. I googled “Miami Spice” and found a half naked brown woman… I was good with that. She could be curing cancer for all I know. If you are interested in learning more about this picture go over there.


For those who don’t live in Miami, Miami Spice is an annual event where some of the area’s best restaurants create fixed-price menus for dinner and lunch. It is definitely a fattie… I mean foodie’s favorite time of year. This year I had a very aggressive plan to hit up 10 new spots but that didn’t happen *insert a sad face here* but I did try a respectable 8.

So this post is for the ladies who only talk to me in and around Sweetheat/Sizzleher/HerWinterparty wanting suggestions on where to eat *side  eye* take a look here so we can skip the small talk. (Yes, you).

Long term relationship

Uvas Restaurant

6900 Biscayne Boulevard

Miami, FL 33132

Menu Choices:

Sweet Plantain and Fresh Mozzarella Empanadas with Fresh Pico de Gallo
Sake Marinated Salmon Fillet with Boniato Mash, Crispy Spinach and a ponzu Butter
Organic Mango Cheese Cake

Food: Almost sinfully delicious.

Service: Personable, attentive.

Environment: Small venue. Sit outside because there is no AC inside. Very humble decor but comfortable.

What to Wear: Don’t be dissuaded by my description of the venue I would still go boho-chic (but leave the body cons at home)

Overall: Super Strong 4

Would I go again?: Yes


One Night Stand

Amuse Restaurant

1100 Biscayne Boulevard

Miami, FL 33132

(near the American Airlines Arena/Bayside)

Menu Choices:

Grilled chipotle glazed shrimp with lime mint fruit slaw

Wagyu sliders (three) with sweet potato fries, cole slaw, lettuce and tomato

Exotic fruit mousse

Food: Freaking amazing for lunch.

Service: Attentive, but not necessarily personable

Environment: Crisp clean décor with a nice view of the cruise ships leaving

What to Wear: It’s a hotel but since it is off the strip the verdict is classic but not stuffy

Overall: Comfortable 3

Would I go again?: I guess…

*For those who give a damn D.Wade owns a condo in the Marquis which is attached…*

Are We Done Yet? 

Mr. Chow – Miami Beach

W South Beach
2201 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Menu Choices:

First Course
Choice of:
Water Dumplings (Fish)
Squab with Lettuce
Chicken Satay
MR CHOW Noodles
Second Course
Choice of:
Oyster Beef
Sweet & Sour Pork
Velvet Chicken
Green Prawns
Served with:
Sautéed Rice
Vegetable in Season
Mixed Sorbet
Ice Cream

Food: Hated it… Mushy meat is never something a lesbian wants to put in their mouth (pun intended). Oh and in case you didn’t know it is family style servings like China Grill (and it made me wish I had gone to China Grill).

Service: I am one who likes personal service, so 15 different waiters does not move me.

Environment: It’s at the W…. that is all I have.

What to Wear: It’s at the W…. that is all I have.

Overall: Painful 2

Would I go again?: Hell to the Naw *in my Whitney Houston-Brown voice*.  It seems to be a place resting on the laurels of its name… so have fun with that.

Other goods places I would check out are:

City Hall Restaurant
Cibo Wine Bar (Miracle Mile)
Sawa Restaurant and Lounge (Merrick Park)