Out and About: Great Time At the Aqua Affair

So I completely forgot to share about the amazing time I had at Aqua Affair, a few weeks back (Bad Kristi!).

Okay maybe it wasn’t so much that I forgot but that I was jaded by a HORRIBLE makeup artist that made me look like I fell in vat of pancake mix… let it go Kristi… let it go!

Relax… Relate… Release

So here is my recap… though champagne made the whole night a little hazy.

*Note: The picture above is after I washed and sweated most of it off*

For those who do or do not know, there is more to the Aqua Foundation than the eye candy-filled Aqua girl pool party each May. During the year, the Aqua Foundation does A LOT for the #LGBT community in Miami (I have no idea why I hashtagged that…). When I say a lot, I mean everything from sponsoring portions of the Miami Gay and Lesbian film festival to giving scholarships to graduating seniors.

See now you can buy that extra Patron shot at the party and feel good about yourself…

Okay so on to the event… for those who have not been to the Shore Club… it is gorgeous. The party was inside and outside (mostly inside because it was hot as 3 hells outside) and was just large enough that my claustrophobia didn’t kick in.  But you don’t really care about that… you want to hear about the girls… or should I say ladies.

So this is where the seasoned Sapphic sisters play… I would say the median age for the people in attendance was 40.  FINALLY! I am tired of events where I am the old lady with the “Why the hell am I here?” face.  I actually met a nice brown skinned sister (whose name the champagne has stolen from me) that gave me the skinny on some of the folks in the room. I love tea and trust me there was some steaming hot tea in the building. Our bromance ended at mention of the girlfriend…  You guys know I am charming when inebriated so maybe I was the only B in that bromance after all. *shrugs* She was lovely and I hope if I see her again she gives me the “Hey girl!” And that’s  all I got.

Sip of tea:  Shout out to the new couple of the block compiled of “Miss WELL KNOWN Player Player” and “Her New Booty”. Y’all did look cute together… Hold on to her! (I actually heard about them from two different people so I guess there is a water cooler poll on how long they will last).

Oh and shout out to the really nice Chico-tico that I made cry… in a good way. We were BFFs in my mind.

Next up on my Aqua-schedule…. the Sunday Soiree.  Less drinking and more mingling should result in a better recap… I promise.

For more details on the Aqua Foundation go here because anything else I could add at this point would be a lie.

Yay! Renn should be proud of me that I didn’t mention her mini-relationship with the lady that tried to buy her and cart her off to an island as her love slave…. because that would just be wrong… wrong.

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