Events: The Kword does #ArtBasel – Red Dot Art Fair Miami,FL

Let me first say I have never been that person that talks about where they go and who they know and all that BS. Mostly because I don’t go, and don’t know nearly as many places and people, as my counterparts. Keep in mind I went to school with and have palled around with some real local movers and shakers that put my little social calendar to shame. So when one of my friends said that I should start blogging about my misadventures in Miami (since I have pretty much run out of gay-isms) I gave her a brief side-eye… So don’t expect any wave riding, bottle popping “I’m cool” posts…  more like a “I like to get in where I fit in”.

For those who do or do not know, Art Basel has invaded Miami this week. Art Basel is a big deal art show that they have once a year that peter-pipers a lot of people from across the country for a week of art, music and liquor. LOTS OF LIQUOR. I have a very lofty goal of attending an event every single night of Basel without breaking my bank. It may or may not happen but I am up for the challenge. I will be updating y’all every day with the events I attend and hopefully some good stories as I go along…

Tuesday – Red Dot Fair Miami Opening

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First stop on my Art Basel tour was the Red Dot Art Fair opening night event.Reny (my Basel 2012 partner in crime) and I were given VIP passes by the lovely Lisa of the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce . No real reason to give them a plug other than the fact that they have donated over 1.4 million dollars to local LGBT initiatives in the Miami area. I have the pleasure of working with them this year on their annual Her Winter Party event but that’s a whole other post. Anyway muchos besos to Lisa for the hook up! We appreciate it.

There were some amazing pieces of art there last night. Though there wasn’t anything that would make me want to sell a kidney or mortgage my house (again!) I could appreciate the compilation. I will say it is probably the most “traditional” of the pavilions if memory serves but there were some artists that took calculated risks. I took a calculated risk of my own thank you very much… with the liquor of course. I tried out this very interesting drink called a Garden Lemonade. It was made with Chambord Flavored Vodka, Honey, Lemon Juice, Sage and Topped off with a little Perrier. It was very refreshing. I’m not really a liq and tonic girl but I reallyphoto (24) really liked this. Reny had one of the French Classics… but I would be lying if I said I knew anything about it. There was also some Herradura being poured in the back of the building but after one cup of that I would have been my own exhibit. No ma’am.

After the gallery closed we went over to Hurricane Grill where we saw the cutest little waitress from Ohio. She was very “Nephew Tommy (from the Steve Harvey Show) approved. You know… short hair cut, BIG OL BUTT… not that I was looking *angelic face*. She was doing very well for her first night ( I am starting to think all waitresses tell that lie), with her “I’m a cute, aloof 21 year old baby” steez… that was until she ruined it. While talking about where she was from,  I mentioned a very good friend of mine is from Cleveland. She responds “I have actually never been but I know they have a lot of cute boys” *crickets* The three of us at our table looked at each other with that… “and there goes her 30% tip” face.  No no not really… but umm yeah she got the 20% her service earned. *shrugs*

Overall it was a great night. Great kickoff to the week and I’m sleepy … BUT I refuse to let the stop my Basel.

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With Reny my Basel partner in Crime
Art Basel 2012 - Red Dot Art Fair, Miami FL
Clockwise: Reny,Lisa and I; Artist Luis and his model;Outside Installation; Red Dot Banner