Events: The Kword does #ArtBasel – #GentlemanJackABL event Miami, FL


Soooo yeah I was supposed to write this yesterday….. but I was sleepy. And in reality I am really freaking sleepy right now too BUT I said I was going to write about my whole Basel experience. So here goes.

Tuesday was greeeeeeat. On the schedule was the Gentlemen Jack (@jdxus)-Art+Beats+Lyrics event. I linked up with my girl Mila who I haven’t seen in ages and she brought a group of her friends as well. You all know I am not a real people person but they were all really nice. [pause] Oh before I forget shout out to @msingridb for the info on this FREE splendiforous event. If you are into the neo-soul scene, follow her. Link up with her and check out the Bohemia Room which is the must attend for the grown and sexy, urban scene.

The art for this event was some of the most personal for me. I could identify with a lot of the pieces in a way that surprised me. It was more “real” … let me clean that up.. it was more… nope no clean up … It was more real than the pieces that I saw at Red Dot Air Fair. They were pieces that I would want to have in my home.  I didn’t get to appreciate as much as I would have liked (the cost of going with a group) but the pieces I saw were beautiful.

I have NEVER been a Jack Daniels girl. It was never a drink that I would have asked for at the photogj1bar BUT I must say the drinks they put together last night were very very good. I tweeted that I have fallen in love with a gentlemen and a lady. Indeed I have. I had two-ish Gentleman Jack and Cranberries. It wasn’t just Jack with a splash of juice. They were a combination of Gentleman Jack, Chambord (@chambordliqueur), Cran, Sweet and Sour and Sprite. I loved them! It was the perfect blend to make me say “Hey! That’s Jack Daniels? I think I like it!”

Mila and crew hung out for a while but they left JUUUUUUST before it got amazing. Like Shock G and Scarface performing AMAZING. Like doing the Humpty Dance with the man who made the iconic song amazing. Like play that funky drum set white boy with Scarface amazing. Reny ended up coming out (even after a flat tire disaster) and we made it do what it does! Met some of the folks of Black Art in America (@doyoubasel) who have the lofty goal of getting US (read:black folks) out of the club and into the galleries. I can dig it! For sure!

Oh and before I forget shout out to the girl who I took a picture of who requested… rather demanded that I text it to her. Me: I can tweet it to you. Her: No. Me: I can email it to you. Her:No. Me:I can… I can. Her: Here’s my number Me: But but… Her: Here’s my number. *shrugs in defeat*. Gotta love straight girls Bwahahaha.

Shock G of the Digital Underground
Gentleman Jack Art Beats and Lyrics
My Night….

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