Events: The Kword does #ArtBasel – Theaster Gates Reception at @LocustProjects

photo-22Ok. Ok. Ok. I should have written this post two days ago… but the awesomeness that was that night rendered me physically incapable to express myself… read:I ain’t feel like it. *shrugs*. I had a really good Basel part 3 (and in retrospect my last good Basel night) in 2 stages.

After stopping by the Red Dot Air Fair to say hello to Lisa (and take a sip or 2 of  Garden Lemonade) we decided to find the Black Art in America Media Mixer (@doyoubasel)…. until we couldn’t find it. I actually still have no idea where it was. But as they say all good things happen to those who wait, or in my case, should have taken a better look at the Google maps, but let’s not split hairs.

As we roamed around Wynwood in search of the elusive mixer, we ended up behind a group of lovely Buppies and Bohos heading to a gallery which seemed to be a hub for beautiful bohemian folks. See Jesus did want me to mingle. Reny and I (oh yeah my partner in crime was in attendance) walked into the beautiful venue, Locust Projects, where we were introduced to the amazing work of Theaster Gates.

If you don’t know who he is google him. No really, once you start your search you will learn about how his social activism marries his artistic talent. His art wasn’t bright and big like many of the pieces we saw in the other pavilions, but it was very earnest and tactile.  The vibrance of the room wasn’t on the wall but emanated off the skin and spirit of the attendees. Special hello and shout to Bolaji of Socialife Chicago (@socialife_chi). If I ever make the trip to the Windy City she will definitely be  a must read. I am equally excited about visiting the lovely Amanda Williams of the AW Gallery. Since we just knew each other before we knew each other, I have to visit my old friend.

A party wouldn’t be a party if I didn’t tell you about the drink selections. Nowphoto-14 what the hell does a girl like me have drinking freaking gin? I just like the color blue and how can you not like something called Sapphire Strawberry Lavender Collins. Sounds exotic, doesn’t it? It was an interesting mix of Bombay Sapphire Gin (@bombaysapphire), Lemon Juice, Strawberries, Lavender Syrup and Soda.  Don’t ask me what lavender syrup tastes like because I have no freaking clue. The drink itself was ok. Gin is an acquired taste that I just don’t think I have but the Lavender Collins was a ok.

What a great way to begin the night, next we were off the Fusion event at LMNT but that’s another blog (that hopefully won’t take two days to write).

Me, Theaster Gates and Reny
Me, Theaster Gates and Reny

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