Events: The Kword does #ArtBasel – Fusion Fashion Event benefiting Project Save Imagination at L-M-N-T

FusionYay so I didn’t write this post two days later… Booooo I am writing it a week later. There really isn’t any excuse for it other than I have been busy at work so whatever I suck. But here is my final Art Basel posting *cues cheers*

So after meeting the incomparable Theaster Gates , Reny and I made our way to the Fusion Fashion Event benefiting Project Save Imagination (@saveandimagine). Project Save Imagination ‘s goal is to help keep the arts/music in the lives of young people (especially necessary in light of the constant attacks on education budgets). That was enough to place several servalites (think: community service + socialites) in the building.

Werk Miss Hunny. Check out the reaction of Sir in the background.

I had a great time as usual. L-M-N-T is becoming one of my favorite venues. I love the fluidity of the space. I hope I have a reason to attend something there again in the near future… Okay but back to the night.

First things first, let’s relive the amazing fashion show. Hosted by Fashion Designer Lila Nikole (@mslilanikole) along with Activist?? Aisha Thalia (@aishathalia) I think the event was a definite success. As always we seemed to land in the right spot. We ended up with Kayce Armstrong’s Art of Shade team, who had my  hands down favorite piece (and model) of the whole evening. I am sure my fashionistas remember Kayce as a second season Project Runway finalist. I have some additional pictures below but homeboy’s face in this one lets you know that she gave us all life that night (click to enlarge). Yes ma’am.

As I panned around the crowd,  my eyes landed on a gorgeous lady in black. Now I had to do the scrunch face to figure out who she was but then I realized it was Claudia Jordan (@claudiajordan). Truth be told, even though I knew who she was I didn’t really know why. Yes Yes Yes I knew she was a celebrity, but a celebrity “what”… nope no clue. But seeing that I have talked to less attractive women with less name recognition I knew I had to chat it up with her.

Hey Claudia girl!

Claudia Jordan is freaking hilarious. After we passed the normal “Are you having a good time?” small talk she told me about her new endeavor, the VH1 talk show, Tiny Tonight. She is hosting the show along the 3Ts, Tiny (@tinymajormama), Trina (@trinarockstarr), and Tamar (@tamarbraxtonher). Now you know good and damn well I had zero, zip, zilch desire to watch that show but after Claudia’s “ratchet girl” imitation I might have to DVR it. Oh and for you fellas (or ladies *shrugs*) that have the opportunity to have a first date with Miss Jordan, don’t worry about having to break the banks. She is a dinner and movies kind of girl… now those other ladies on the panel… let’s just say (I can’t believe I just did a dot com reference….)

Here are some more pics… including some of my OVER HYPE ass riding to Talib’s performance *side eye*

Oh and yes I am going to invest in taking better quality pictures since I feel the need to post them recently.


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