#LGTBSide Idea: Progressive Dinner Parties

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Photo: @ChivasRegalUS Event  (the flash though o_O)

Happy New Year! I’m only a day late which we all know is GREAT for me. o_O. I am renewed and refreshed and ready to tackle the new year. I was going to make a resolution to blog every day but you and I and the lady around the corner know that’s a lie. So instead of saying I will blog more, I can honestly say I will blog more purposefully.

One thing I did want to focus on is the concept of the #LGTBSide which I lovingly stole and modified from Ingrid B of the BSide (Yes I gave her credit originally here). The LGTBSide of life is the one that you won’t see promoted by half-naked women spreading eagle on a 3×5 card.  No shade to the get-em girls, they do have their place in the world but … *stops while I am ahead*

Moving right along…. while riding back from my Nana’s home going services this weekend, my aunt told me about this novel idea (which supposedly everyone is doing except me…and maybe you) called Progressive Dinner Parties. Basically how a progressive dinner party works is, a group of friends plan a meal together where each course is served at a different person’s home, and the party literally moves from place to place throughout the night.  How cool is that? I knoooooooow.

Now seeing that my girls live all over Miami I thought we could switch it up and do this with restaurants. We can have appetizers one place, entrees another place, dessert yet another place and maybe end up at a lounge for drinks. I just found an AMAZING deal for a 3 hour limo ride (unlimited stops, unlimited miles) so I am all in.

Once I get the plan straight, I will let you guys know how it goes.  Anyone else down to try this???

For more details and how-to’s check out some of these websites:

Want the basics on how to do it? Check out About.com: Progressive Dinner Parties

Feeling a little extra??? Try A ‘Gangnam Style’ Progressive Dinner Party

… I know somebody can put together a wobble progressive dinner party or at least the electric slide.  *shrugs*


9 thoughts on “#LGTBSide Idea: Progressive Dinner Parties”

  1. Hi! I am just now following your blog. Is there any way to open the comments on the Black Lesbians labels post you wrote? Thanks!

    Awesome blog.


    1. Hi! Thank you. I can definitely turn the comments on. Comments are something I am trying for the new year. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


  2. I have attended a progressive dinner once and at each house there was an activity. So maybe you can add something special to do at each stop. Just saying.


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