Gimme a Dollar: Friendship Circle of Miami 3K Walk Benefiting Special Needs Children

For those that know me, one of my biggest joys and goals in life is to support those in need. In a world where one is regarded by the clothes they wear and cars they drive, I hope to see a rise of servalites as well.

servalite is a term for a member of the socially responsible elite., or someone aspiring to be a member. A servalite participates in community service activities and spends a significant amount of time serving and giving back at events benefiting those in need of help regardless of their standing.

(Yes I ganked and tweaked this from the Wikipedia definition of socialite)


In a world where children are being bullied and exploited for just being who they were born to be, I wanted to be a part of a group that embraced and accepted them for who they are. The Friendship Circle provides their “special friends” a chance to learn and socialize in an environment that not only accepts them, but celebrates their spirit.  The Friendship Circle of Miami offers many different programs and services to these special children and their families, and by incorporating their teenage volunteers a simple act of friendship is developed and lasts for many years!

In my support for the wonderful work this group does, I have chosen to participate in their… better yet OUR Walking4Friendship 2013 3K Walk and Community Carnival on February 10, 2013.  By donating to the Walking4Friendship fundraising event, you can join me and the Friendship Circle of Miami in our mission to open loving arms to our “special friends”.  100% of your donation will go toward their programs servicing children and teenagers with special needs and their families.  Your feelings of making a genuine difference in a child’s life will last a lifetime.