Something Like A Super Lesbian : Bibi McGill @novasky

bib1Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. We didn’t do much as I was still recouperating from the lovely lady overload that was the Her Winter Party Runway Show and Crys was moving. I am very very surprised to be writing a superbowl post for no other reason than… I didn’t watch it.

In case you were wondering I was having a mini “Dinosaurs” (Not the Mama) marathon courtesy of Netflix… but I digress.

I did however get fanagled into watching the halftime show and had a YES MA’AM moment leading to a SLSL post. I am very excited to introduce to some and present to others the amazing Bibi McGill.

In a perfect world it would be a double post featuring Kelendria Trene Rowland… *sigh*

bib4If her performance last night which featured Beyonce-shared pelvic thrusts and a guitar shooting fire was not enough to be assured of her super powers, there is more. Aside from being the guitarist and director of Beyonce’s all girl band, she is a black yogi you travels the country leading retreats and even has her own web series on Let me take a moment to shout out her amazing afro (superficial I know, but I have hair envy). Did I mention she has her own line of kale chips in order to promote healthy living? Yes.. Yes she does.

As talented as she is, her spirit speaks loudest to me. Here are a few bits of wisdom from Bibi (“borrowed” from her interview with BlackGirlLongHair):

It’s really important to stay in the present moment. Realize that everyone is in this together because we are all ONE entity. People look at the person on the other side of the world and think that we’re separate. People look at the person in the car next to them and think they are separate from them. We’re all the same living being. A lot of stuff is boiling up on this planet right now and people are becoming more conscious. If you can look at the person next to and realize that we’re not separate it will change the way you see and treat that person.

photo (9)Bibi, you might not be a super lesbian but you are definitely something like it… you can rock the guitar in a downward facing dog… I’m sold.

For more on Bibi McGill :

Follow her here @novasky and visit her personal website

Do you know any SLSLs in your neck of the woods? Email me at kristi at the or tweet me @kristiweb.

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