Aqua Foundation LBT Scholarship Cycle ends February 25th

logo“Being an Aqua Scholar has impacted me tremendously, I not only have the financial support, but I also have the support of the community I would like to impact upon graduation,” says Kim Ehly, 2010-2013 scholar. Promoting future leaders of the South Florida Community, like Ehly, is a cornerstone of Aqua Foundation for Women’s mission, which is accomplished by awarding scholarships to benefit graduating high school, college, and graduate students who are active in our community.

No question where your Aqua Girl dollars go…

This year, thanks in part to the generosity of private donors and the support of Wells Fargo, who donated $7,500 to the scholarship program, we were able to award 15 scholarships. These scholarships were awarded to promising young women who were selected due to their outstanding academics, consistent commitment to the community, and their leadership potential. Our scholars this year are Susan Caraballo, Bridget Pelaez, Charrise Alexander, Vanessa Hernandez, Mageda Abdulhadi, Jessica Wilson, Julia Larson, Katherine Peterson, Sabrina Diz, Melissa Miller Munoz, Kim Ehly, Yanire Chow, Catherine Armuelles, Kim Carias, and Maria Valero.

The women awarded AFW scholarships are pursuing a variety of disciplines including information technology, religious studies, law, music, politics, and therapy, which positions them to contribute to the LBT community in unique ways. Scholarships ranged in size from $2,500 – $5,000, with a total of $53,000 granted by AFW.

Aqua Foundation believes that its scholarship program enables LBT women to grow personally and professionally by reducing their financial burden and by providing them with a mentor for guidance and support as part of our AFW Mentoring Program. Each year Aqua Foundation’s scholars and mentors tell them how deeply pivotal mentoring is to the scholar’s experience, how crucial it is for them to have positive LBT role-models. Ana Romes, 2010-2012 scholar, says her mentor “allowed me to feel that I had a safety net and that someone was concerned for my well-being.”

AFW looks forward to continuing to support LBT women in the community through this scholarship fund.

Quotes from Scholars on the Impact of the Program

Last year’s Aqua Girl Affair where the 2012 scholarships were awarded.

“The Aqua Foundation Scholarship allows me to continue to afford my legal education, and frees me to spend more time being an advocate, a mentor, and a voice, not only for myself but for all that are members of the LGBT community.”
-Charrise Alexander (2012-2013)

“I am extremely excited to become more involved with Aqua Foundation for Women, and I can’t wait to meet my mentor. I’ve been waiting to give back to the LBT community and to be seen as a leader, and this is such an honor.”
– Bridget Pelaez (2011-2013)

“Aqua Foundation has given me the opportunity to succeed in college which will, in turn, prepare me to become an activist for the LGBTQ community. Thank you, Aqua!”
– Mageda Abdulhad (2010-2013)

Contact Information

For more information about the scholarship program’s requirements, please visit their information page.

You may also contact Elsa Roberts via email or phone (305.576.2782) for more information or if you have any questions about the program.

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