Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: 20 Centimeters

twenty_centimetersI awoke from a dream.

A dream full of music and dancing, Fashionistas and Rossy de Palma pulling tricks on dark, damp Madrid streets. A dream of girls with a little something extra. Bunnies bouncing in the city’s alleyways.


Was it all a dream?

No. It was a movie. Two hours worth of 20 Centimeters… and every bit of it is Fabulous.

Director Ramon Salazar draws us into the world of Marieta, a narcoleptic girl with big dreams and an even bigger penis. After finally saving up the money to have her pesky polla removed, she falls in love with the beautiful man who fell in love with her 20 centimeters. What’s a girl to do?

This movie has everything. Narcoleptic tranny hookers. Fierce song and dance numbers. Steamy girl-on-boy-with-boy car sex. Everything a Super Gay movie should have…and then some!

Monica Cervera is amazing as Marieta. She is also amazing as Adolfo… Marieta’s boy side, when necessary. She dances her way into your heart, both with her delicious stems and with her ability to breathe life into her larger than life character. Although I initially picked up this movie because I saw Rossy de Palma’s name in the credits (Big Gay Fan over here!), after watching the first half hour, it was Marieta who stole the show.

This movie is perfect for a date night with your super gay sweetie…unless you have a problem with girl on boy action. Wait, let that soak in a bit… I find a little role reversal to be sexy. Hopefully you will too because this movie is really, really good.

Now….next week, Girl Play. I can’t wait! I Love playing with girls.

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