10 Things to Know About (@MGLFF edition) :Director Campbell X (@CampbellX) and Cast of @StudLifeMovie

Why You Rock

stud life 14. So what is your claim to fame?
CX:  I made the multikulti queer urban funny ha ha feature film Stud Life
KT: Ian Mckellan (Gandalf) saw me as the lead in a play when i was 12.
RK: My weird accent. It sounds like a combination of Scottish, Jamaican and London all at the same time. Now that I live in New York American may creep in there too!
SS: I’m too lame to have a claim to fame. I just muddle along. Oh and I was also blessed to be a part of the movie ‘Stud Life’! (Campbell X in the house!)

5. What made you do what you are doing?
CX: I wanted to see stories told from a queer PoC cultural perspective on the big screen. We have many but still need more!
TM:I keep asking myself that very question… I couldn’t do anything else its am innate calling and the very best job in the world
stud life 4KT: I wanted to make a difference somehow and Acting was  also always a form of escapism for me… stepping into someone else’s nicer shoes for a bit.
RK: An artistic and supportive family. My parents met at an audition. It was inevitable.
SS: Well I’m doing all sorts of different things at the moment, primarily out of impulse and a sense of “this hasn’t been done before, let’s do it”, or if it has, “how can we do it differently?”

6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
CX: On a beach sipping a frozen Margarita. <– Yah dahlink
TM: Older
KT: Fatter
RK: Living and working as an actor between New York and London. A transatlantic dream.
SS: Living and working in another country, with a new language under my belt, in a creative sphere that is dynamic and progressive.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I completely forgot the festival was this weekend. Where r u doing the discussion event? How much is it?


    1. The film showing is 9 dollars. You have to get your ticket on the website. *crossing fingers they aren’t already sold out* The roundtable…. we are working out the details. It won’t cost anything for sure. We are just trying to figure out where we can do it. 🙂


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