10 Things to Know About (@MGLFF edition) :Director Campbell X (@CampbellX) and Cast of @StudLifeMovie

Community Affairs

STUDLIFE 77. What do you think are the State of Affairs in the LGBT community present-day?
CX:  The gay agenda is winning! Bwahahaha! But seriously, we are doing very well in terms of laws in the Western world. But we still need as LGBT people to look out for those of us who are old, disabled, homeless and bullied.
TM:The same state as any community there is no common-unity. Folk need to stop sweating the small stuff and look at the bigger picture. We will truly be evolved as a race once we no longer identify with an acronym but indeed once breath one voice.
KT: It’s definitely getting a lot better, we’re infiltrating the media and next stop is the world -evil queen cackle-
RK: I’m generally liking what I’m hearing and seeing, at least in some places. When I turn on the telly or go to the theatre or cinema I see more and more story lines and lead characters who are gay or lesbian, which indicates the positive change and acceptance in society. I just saw a most fabulous Broadway production in a packed house of ‘Kinky Boots’. The audience ranged from 13-100 yrs old from an eclectic mix of backgrounds and races and every person was on their feet at the end applauding. I think the LGBT community of colour has a ways to go still but films like Stud Life give me hope. More please… I also want to add that I’m not fond of the word tolerance. It implies that we are ‘putting up with something’. I much prefer the word embrace. And I feel that slowly but surely the world is shifting from tolerate to embrace. The struggle continues for the LGBT community but I think there’ a lot to look forward to.
SS: Well at first glance, not bad! In the past week we’ve had two huge leaps forward in France and New Zealand. But then you can counter that with steps back in Cameroon and the ongoing saga that is Uganda. There’s still lots more to do, but these things take time. Unfortunately, being in any minority, there will always be some degree of struggle. The light just needs to be shone in some places more than others. I’m especially dubious of the whole “it’s ok to be gay now because we’ve got ‘Glee'”. We need to put sexuality out there not only on our terms, but in a way that incorporates other minorities and challenges stereotypes. Even the LGBT community has created its own stereotypes.

stud life 68. What would you say to the young (and no-so-young) sister/brother who has decided to come out the closet?
CX: I knew it! Now here are some books, go read!
TM: Jolly good for you!!
KT: Life is too short to not be yourself. Those that can’t accept it aren’t worth it. It’s like pulling off a plaster, hurts at first and then you wonder what the fuss was about and why you didn’t do it sooner!
RK: This is a difficult question. I come from 2 very different places which influence how I feel on this subject. I’m half Jamaican and it saddens me that my gay and lesbian friends on that beautiful island still have to live in such an ugly, ignorant environment when it comes to this. They still have to worry for their safety. It breaks my heart. But they are open and safe with their friends and some of their family. I would say be true to yourself and surround yourself with people who you trust and can be yourself with. In places where you have to worry about your safety you must find those people you trust. In many countries/cities people are far more open and accepting of my LGBT friends and family, for those folk I’d say be brave and be proud and fuck it! be loud! If you have family who just don’t understand or accept know that family is not limited to blood, we can also have family that we choose.  The times they are a changing and it’s going in the right direction. Slowly but absolutely surely and gaining momentum!
SS: I’d pat them on the back and give them a big fat grin. It’s one hurdle that will lead to many more in life and will only make them stronger.

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