Kristi’s Super Gay Movie Review???: @MGLFF’s showing of “Who’s Afraid of @VaginaWolf?”

210259_196510940394263_196504890394868_573260_7314838_oHappy Tuesday! I had all intentions of writing posts this weekend but when you see the jam packed-ness that occurred (yes I made that word up) you should be able to cut me a little slack.

We started out on Saturday afternoon at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival‘s in progress showing of Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf? The director, Anna Margarita Albelo, is heading to Paris to finish some of the sound editing but for the most part we got the finished product. How cool is that?

The movie stars quite a few mainstream celezbrities including Guinevere Turner and Papi… I mean Janina Gavankar. Yes I know that is enough for some of you, but in case you want to know about the actual movie, here is the logline I ganked from the website:

The day after her 40th birthday Anna, a filmmaker who’s sacrificed her love life for her film career, realizes she has neither and so decides to embark on filming an all-female parody of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf. This last-ditch effort, intended to jumpstart Anna’s career and in the process win the affections of the beguiling actress/artist Katia, becomes a massive undertaking filled with the highs and lows of a bitter-sweet life.

Ganked from
Ganked from

Here’s my thoughts on the movie is 100 words or less:

In the first 45 seconds of the movie there is a woman walking across the screen in a vagina costume… o_O. And magically, by the end of the film you find yourself endeared with her… even if you find her slightly immature, obtuse and self-absorbed (but aren’t we all?).

Yep, that’s all I got….

Did any of you see it? What did you think?

I can’t wait until the Women’s Short Films tomorrow! 

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