Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Tomboy


Have you ever watched a movie that just put you in a weird space? Ok. It’s happened to me more than
once when watching gay European movies. Not because I prefer happy gayness…but because I just need
a little more dialogue and a little less drab. It is a good movie if you’re into the austere.

Tomboy by French writer and director Celine Sciamma is an excellent character study. The story is about
Laure, a ten year old transgender boy. Laure’s family moves to a new neighborhood and she uses this
opportunity to be Mikael. We get to see Mikael assimilating, coming into his own as an adolescent male.
Laure/Mikael has an opportunity that many young transgendered people don’t. I love everything about
this movie…and yet, I’m still unclear as to whether I like it or not.

My girlfriend thinks it’s a boy thing. It definitely felt masculine. The stoic feel Mikael exudes. Laure’s
parents are good people. They’re a loving family. Yet, Mikael has to exist outside this dynamic. The little
sister is happy being co-conspirator and even enjoys having a sister who’s really a brother. This is a well-
adjusted movie about a well-adjusted transgender child. I should be happy, right?

Well…it is an interesting movie. Tomboy is definitely not a fun date movie but worth a look.


One thought on “Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Tomboy”

  1. I really liked this movie. I was touched by the tenderness of Mikael’s sister, I smiled nervously at the awkwardness of a little boy who was biologically a little girl trying to pee in the woods like the other boys and my heart filled with joy whenever Mikael was his true self, whether he was playing or just being with someone who saw him as Mikael and not Laure. I thought it was beautiful.


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