10 Things To Know About: Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns


If you know anything about the poetry scene, whether it is on the east coast or the west coast, downtown or midtown, you should know the name Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns.A Grammy nominated spoken word artist, Butterfly has been a K Word favorite for quite a while.

Happy to get a chance to e-chat with her!

Check out the Q&A after the jump…

386675_484150534964207_1352070314_nThe Basics

1. Name: Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns

2. Age (You can give me the range…): 41 years here on earth.

3. Yeah Yeah Yeah, we don’t like labels…..umm: 

Why You Rock

4. So what is your claim to fame? Not into claiming fame but legend and legacy.

5. What made you do what you are doing? Nothing made me. I was chosen to be a poet and it eventually became my passion. Langston Hughes inspired me at age 10.

6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? In 5 years I look to still be edutaining the people from ages 1 to 100.

Community Affairs

7. What do you think are the State of Affairs in the LGBT community present-day? The State of Affairs in the LGBT community present-day revolve around less hate and more understanding with respect to equality.

8. What would you say to the young (and no-so-young) sister/brother who has decided to come out the closet? Coming out where your sexuality is concerned is never easy. On the other hand, living a lie is more miserable. Do YOU, Be YOU, Stay TRUE!!!

935054_280127452124549_1186858444_nJust because I want to know..

9. What is in your nightstand drawer? *eyebrow raise* I don’t have one(Lol)..

10. What is your definition of pride? One being hesitant to ask for help.

A little extra: This isn’t a radio show, but there is nothing like a good shout out.

 I’d like to give a shout out to God for giving me the gift. I want to thank the people the world over for appreciating and supporting my work.
And a shout out to “self” for believing in what I do!!!

All pictures were ganked from her facebook page SOOOOOOO if they are yours, I have no problem giving credit where it is due.

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