Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Out Late [Documentary]


For those who have been wondering what happened to the Super Gay Movie Reviews of the Week, Crys has been working on some big projects recently. Sorry! But never fear Kristi K is here. I am definitely the less qualified of the two to write reviews but I will do what I can until Crys J comes back.

Sidenote: If any of our readers are either LGBT movie watched or book readers that want to contribute reviews, please let me know at kristi [at] thekword [dot] com.

So here is my first official review (courtesy of Netflix): Out Late, a documentary directed by Beatrice Alda and Jennifer Brooke.

Plot Snapshot: Out Late is a documentary that interviews five LGBT folks who came out as senior citizens.

A few things resonated with me while watching this documentary, but two more than anything else. The first thing that struck home was that whether you come out at 30 or 50 or 79, we all have many of the same fears. The fear of being rejected by your loved ones, judged by your church, and the fear of being alone don’t dissipate just because you join AARP and collect social security.

Second, there was one constant sentiment among all the participants. They all wished they had come out earlier. Whether they had been out 25 years or 2 years, none of them regretted the choice to live their truth. Yes I know that was the point of the film… With that being said the part that seemed the most honest, even if the hardest to reconcile, was that they all didn’t seem to have been unhappy in the closet either. One man was happily married for over 40 years until his wife’s death. Leaving the question, would have lived in the closet for the rest of his life if she hadn’t?

This movie didn’t change my life. For the most part, it was very similar to other coming out documentaries I have seen only with an older cast. But I did enjoy it.  Has anyone else seen it? Thoughts?

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