Not Even a Nibble… My @PlentyofFish Two Week Status Update


Sooo I have been on Plenty of Fish for two weeks… and I am bored. Not bored, but I’m not really into it. It’s not the lack of people trying to get all up in this *ghetto girl voice* but…  meh. I talk to these people back and forth online for about a zillion messages and then what? Either we stop communicating completely or we taper off to a message every couple of days… ok.

No sparks. No butterflies. No… nothing. Where is my snarky, irreverent counterpart? Where is the Pinky to my Brain *insert a big forehead joke here*

Here’s a recap of my first 14 days on Plenty of Fish…

1. I was catfished out of the gate by someone I am pretty sure is a man… I might be wrong but s/he definitely wasn’t the Russian pornstar whose picture s/he stole.

2. I have seen a total of 8 people that I know in real life, which mean 8 people I know in real life know I have a POF account. Not sure how I feel about that…

3. I read that book “S/he’s Just Not That Into You”. If you respond in 1-2 sentences, where I am writing a paragraph (Y’all know how I am), I am going to chalk that up to you aren’t interested… If I wanted to write to myself I would start a blog… see what I did there.

4. I don’t want anyone I meet there to read this damn blog. I know it’s hard to be anonymous when every other post I say my name but… I want to ease any new friend/relationshipee into it. No one wants to meet someone knowing their business could be in the street any moment.

With that being said, I made the decision to try and hang out with one of my fishies. It’s not a love connection, she’s not really my type (I don’t date uber feminine women), but she seems really nice. She is college educated, career driven, attractive… someone I wish I had a friend to hook her up with. We will see what she says.

Until then… at least I can check my inbox during commercials.




6 thoughts on “Not Even a Nibble… My @PlentyofFish Two Week Status Update”

  1. I created a POF profile sometime this summer and my experience has been a bust as well! Most of the women that approach me are either at least 3 years younger than myself, very feminine, or message me w/ a “hey/hi” to which I never respond…I have a pet peeve about that. Anywho, I’ve decided that for me for now, online dating will not be the way I meet my future wife. Maybe when I find a way to reconcile spending money on more legitimate sites like match [dot] com I’ll find a better crop of women but until then…single as a dollar bill.


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