:60 Second K Word Shorts – My Latest (Last) Plenty of Fish Update


I had an honesty moment…. I don’t want to date right now online or otherwise. I was trying to rush into something in order to get over the ex-Mrs and “The Ghost of GFs Past”… that’s whack.

I had this epiphany when I met a really nice attractive woman and I dismissed her without just cause.

The old adage about getting over one woman by getting under another is not really for me. That plus some of these broads are heavy… and I need to keep it light.

So with that the app is removed from my  phone.

Sorry I won’t be able to regale you with any more tales of catfish. BUT I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOURS!


Later Lovebugs!



2 thoughts on “:60 Second K Word Shorts – My Latest (Last) Plenty of Fish Update”

  1. it is nice to be able to get online after a break up and see that you aren’t alone, but i totally get that “fuck this shit right now,” thing too because, yeah, some times ya need time to decompress post-relationship, reflect and all that or the next women ya date will just be destined for more of the ghosts of girlfriends past positions. good luck, lady 🙂


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