Super Gay Movie of The Week: Purple Sea

Purple Sea

First things first let me apologize for the writing gaps. I have been really busy between the whole grad school thing, the epic career move and just life in general. I also had an emotional breakthrough of sorts that allowed me to release some negative things in order make room for the new blessings.

Today has been a laying in the bed, watching youtube and  *drumroll please* lgbt  movies on Amazon Prime type of day.

Why? Because for the second weekend in a row I have found myself taking trips to the land of South Beach. On these journeys I have been reminded of two things a) I live really freaking far from the beach even when I take the expressway and b) there are just somethings I can’t do in my 30s. But that’s a whole other conversation.

Anyway, thank God for red cups filled with rum and the resulting hangovers because they led me to watch an AMAZING film, Purple Sea (or Viola di mare in italian). It is a mixture of my favorite things as it is a period piece, a foreign film (it is in Italian with English subtitles) and lezzie to boot.

Let me say one thing off the bat. This is one of the, if not the, best lesbian movies I have ever seen. EVER. I am trying to think of possible others but I am very hard pressed at the moment.

Plot Summary: As their childhood friendship grows into an adult love affair, one of the women takes on the identity of a man.**

It was simply beautiful. The cinematography, the story and the chemistry between the two lead actresses were captivating. You were really drawn into their hearts and minds. You felt every moment of happiness and pain as if it were your own. There were so many layers to the story that it could of come out muddled but Donatella Malorca handled it masterfully. I neeeeeeeeeed someone with Amazon Prime to watch it so we can talk about it at length. It was one of those movies that I need to share.

And the sensuality of the sex scene made me almost have to press pause (I’m just saying).


Has anyone else seen it? What do you think? Am I gushing for nothing or do you agree?

I kinda hate including the movie trailer because it isn’t the best representation of how great the actual movie is but… here goes.

**Don’t let the plot summary turn you off from this movie. I was going to try to word it to make it more appealing but that is really what the story is about.

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