:60 Second Shorts: Where Have You Been All My Life? @PlentyofFish and Gaytor Girl

188010_418788461569126_1455660890_nI am long overdue for a plenty of fish update. So here goes. I haven’t been on there. That’s all I got. Okay well not really, I did sign on a few weeks ago during one of my “I am going to end up alone” bouts of regression (yes regression, not depression). First person to draw my attention was a young black woman with a UF hat on, which alone was enough to warrant a “click”. Come to find out this girl not only attended my alma mater, but we graduated around the same time… and knew the same people.  Ain’t that something? We emailed back and forth for a day or two and finally exchanged numbers.

A month or so later, she hadn’t given me a reason to think she was crazy or deranged (and vice versa I guess) so we decided to hang out. Now I will admit I cancelled on her twice, once was definitely not my fault… well since this is my blog neither were my fault. But the third time was a charm and we met up at Palace South Beach, the drag bar, for their famous Sunday brunch. No better way to get to know someone than with unlimited mimosas and Whitney Houston music being lip-synced for one’s life. We had a great time. She had never been to a drag show before (which I didn’t believe, but was true) and she actually held my purse while I greeted some people I know. Don’t judge me. After getting home that night we spoke for 3 hours straight and we have pretty much continued to communicate every day since then.

The verdict: She is good people for sure. I don’t think there were fireworks going off but neither of us have changed our numbers. For my part there are certain things about her that remind me of my ex (good and bad)  and we all know how that ended. o_O. But I dig her conversation and we are birthday buddies which is pretty cool. She is not replacing my favorite Gaytor Girl (S/O to the Doc) who I also met after walking across the O’Connell stage but it is definitely a great day to be a Florida Gator.

Here’s a short clip of the show…

Sidenote: No I am not a member of the LGBT and Allies Alumni Association … I actually didn’t even know there was one until now. *shrugs*

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