family_poster1Woo hoo! I am back from an amazing trip to the Dominican Republic for my sistar’s birthday.

I had a wonderful time with really cool women, but I must admit I missed my fellow lezzies. I forgot how it is to be surrounded by straight women, having completely straight conversations.  Chiiiiile.

I know I am going to be in a whole house full  of  “us” next week for our Lesbians of Color Dinner Party, but I needed a quick fix NOW. So since my money is still in pesos, I decided to go head deep into some good ol’ lesbian films last night.

The movie that I watched “Family” has been stalking me on Amazon for a while. I kept looking at it and ending up watching something else… Why you might ask? Because I am cheap… like “2.99 to rent a movie is CRAY when I can watch hundreds for free” kind of cheap. But I am EXTREMELY happy I bit the bullet and spent them coins.

Plot Snapshot:

A group of 30 something closeted lesbians make a pact to come out within 30 days.

I overloved this movie… even though I didn’t think I would. Y’all know I always want to support but I am often wary about lgbt movies about people of color. They are filled with drug deals gone bad, domestic violence, and prison. I am all about filmmakers telling their stories but I ain’t about that life (did I say that right?)

Family is the story of the lesbians that I know… the lesbian that I am. Educated, articulate women who decided to live their truth regardless of the consequences. Faith Trimmel @faithtrimmel, the director, told stories that moved beyond the stereotypes that we see of the black lesbian community. I applaud her for that, and I thank her as well. This is another movie that I could watch with people from all corners of my life not just the rainbow room. I really wish this was on DVD. I am off to stalk research her projects to see if there is anything else I need to check out.


Update: Stalking does wonders – You can buy the DVD here.



  1. I OVERLOVE this movie, too! lol. Oh, Kristi K. So Glad you found the DVD…I have it in my Super Gay Movie Collection. I went to see this in Atlanta a few years ago when they were doing the festival circuit and was super happy that I did.


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