Level Ground Film Festival (Pasadena) – The world’s first faith-based LGBT film festival

This is another bit of information that was shared with us. We are passing it along to those who may be interested. We are not affiliated with them whatsoever.

Drawing  its name from the Bible, specifically Isaiah 40:3-5– the Level Ground film festival, bills itself as “the world’s first faith-based LGBT film festival”. In its second year, the 11 day festival will bring panels, screenings, talks and social events to various small Pasadena venues now through March 1st.

The mission of the festival according to their website is:

Level Ground uses art to create safe space for dialogue about faith, gender, and sexuality. Our hope is to cultivate a better way of speaking with one another across our differences and disagreements. Level Ground is becoming a national innovator in film festival programming, art curation, and dialogue.


Want tickets, more information, or to find out about Level Ground’s goings on? Check them out here.

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