KListen: Doria Roberts “Perfect”

Okay. Okay. Yes we have been on 90s lesbian overload with the KListen choices so far. Yes there are other types of music out there. Yes we know there are actually humans out there that don’t love a woman on guitar. So yes we promise to switch it up (well we promise to try) after this one.

But come one the 90s was a great time in lesbian music. Nothing against the musicians of today but [text redacted]. o_O

Moving right along… We are in a little bit of a sentimental mood and have to share one of the all-time best lezzie love songs, Perfect by Doria Roberts.

DISCLAIMER: If you aren’t in love, you can listen to, but don’t blame us if you have the urge to dial up your ex once it’s over.


Know anyone else we should feature? Let us know.

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