Out and About: Alicia Keys

I know she isn’t a lesbian…. I know she is married with a young son… I know… I know… I know…*forced smile* I also know that Alicia Keys in menswear has been sexy since she fell on the scene  (see what I did there). alicia1 If you remember my swoon over Saint Harridan, you know I love a woman in a suit.  Sporting an outfit that seems snatched off of Laurence Fishbourne in Hoodlum, Alicia brought it with her distressed grey and black suit jacket, paired with crisply ironed black trousers, cut right above the ankle.


Over her suit, Keys added a grey fedora hat and heavy black overcoat. She completed the look with a pair of black fringed penny loafers.
So Do We Love It?
Did I mention ‘Licia sparked the name of my alter-ego Keyz (don’t ask…)?

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