KRead: Black Girl Love by Anondra “Kat” Williams

blackgirlloveHappy Sunday love bugs! I am prepping for my Haiti trip details on that later so I have been keeping myself and my wallet home all weekend.

Besides having my own mini Godfather marathon thanks to HBO, I got my read on.  I stumbled upon a book which won me on the title alone, black girl love by Anondra “Kat” Williams”.

Plot Snapshot: A collection of 25 short stories and poems about black women loving, lusting and living for other black women.

I liked this… in small bites. This is not the kind of book that I should have tried to read in one sitting. When I started reading it I was totally engrossed with all the stories. They were sexy and fresh. I could definitely see them in living color. But after I got through about half the book I was on lesbian erotica overload. I started skimming over parts. I never thought there would be too much lesbian on lesbian pillow action.

I would definitely recommend this book for a little “read to the wife” under the covers time. Hell I might even read it again for a little “read by my damn self” under the covers time. A story here…a poem there… but not in one big gulp.

It looks like the author actually made a short film based on one of the stories, enjoy!

Yep we are serving KRead and Super Gay Movie all in one.

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